Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Your specialist in planetary gearboxes, Drive motion,has been supporting all industrial sectors for over 10 years.Our products get the job done, regardless of how complex our customers needs may be.


we always strive to work with and to support all customers and to provide them with cost-effective solutions. Proper sizing of the application and delivering optimal solutions is our constant goal.


Our mechanical and industrial expertise includes everything from automation and robotics to food and packaging to medical and pharmaceutical.



  1. Medical health, electronic information industry.


Precision gears from Drive motion are manufactured to meet strict quality requirements in the medical industry. Our team is involved from prototype through production, and a variety of medical industry device applications to meet your needs.


our company has partnered with the producer of medical instruments and original equipment manufacturers to provide quality precision gears, custom gear boxes, gear pumps and other power transmission components and assemblies.


We take pride in what we do, and strive to exceed your expectations. Request a quote below or contact our expert team to discuss your work.



  1. Industrial robots



For large-scale, highly automated industrial environments, the advantage of robotic solutions compared to human operators mainly lies in larger availability and the ability to move—typically large—payloads with extreme positioning accuracy and at high speed. These aspects are of pivotal importance when designing and selecting suitable technologies for an industrial robot, particularly for the prime movers and transmissions providing movement to these devices.


A gearbox must fulfill the most diverse requirements dictated by the application type. Highly dynamic linear handling applications demand robust, high-performance components. Thanks to the low weights of the drive components, multiple axis systems achieve a positive regulating effect and hence more-efficient throughput times. On the other hand, pick and place systems demand high repeatability and a corresponding system rigidity promoting fast and point-precision placing.



  1. CNC machine tool manufacturing industry



Planetary reducer high precision low back gap planetary reducer in the CNC machine tool application structure is compact, small size, rigid, can produce high torque density, coaxial input and output make the design more flexible, light weight. More than 96% of the high transmission efficiency, maintenance-free, long life, modular design applications and installation is easy, positive and inverse can be applied, good thermal conductivity, not easy to temperature rise, so the best choice for CNC machine tools components.